Wonkhe rebrand 

Giving shape to the medley of voices that make up the higher educational policy landscape

Brand strategy, Development, Roll-out, Animation and Guidelines


What had began as a hobby was now an online platform for trusted and expert analysis on higher education policy, with an accompanying email briefing that had become essential reading for a community of over 35,000. Known for doing things differently and challenging the status quo, Wonkhe (pronounced Wonk-ee) had a dedicated following but an identity that lacked their spirit and personality. With a series of products that lacked unity and big plans for future growth, they needed a new brand that gave their organisation clarity and impact.

+ Solution

After a brand workshop and several stakeholder interviews, we came up with a brand idea ‘Driving the HE debate’, articulating the brand positioning, personality and an internal manifesto known as ‘The Wonkhe Way’. The visual expression was rooted in this new strategy, using a carefully selected suite of typefaces to express the rich community of voices and perspectives that make up Wonkhe. Everything from the colour palette to the pattern work was crafted to reflect the energy of the team, brought together with hero messaging that gave a voice to the brand’s ambitions and attitudes. The result certainly stands out from the crowd, but remains humble in ensuring that content is king, forever lead by a love for higher education and a desire to make it better for everyone.

Open managed to distill the essence of our quirky little business better than we ever could. Seeing it all come together was hugely thrilling and I’ll always be grateful for the flexibility shown against steep deadlines, tight budgets and a complicated brief.

  • Mark Leach
  • Founder, CEO & Editor in chief
  • Wonkhe
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