Wonkfest 2019
event branding

Branding the most vibrant and unique event in the higher education policy calendar

Brand development, Brand roll-out, Animation,
Print design, Event graphics


After rebranding Wonkhe (the home of trusted higher education policy analysis) at the start of the year, we were soon asked to focus our attentions on their annual event; Wonkfest.

Wonkfest is a two-day celebration of Higher education filled with the huge variety of discussion, debate, ideas and analysis that Wonkhe’s loyal following have come to expect. It’s where policy wonks from far and wide gather to share their thoughts and sector leaders rub shoulders with students. Following their successful rebrand, Wonkhe wanted to align the Wonkfest identity, making sure it truly reflected the diversity and vibrancy of the festival.

+ Solution

Our approach to the Wonkfest identity was to take all of the elements of the core Wonkhe brand and dial them up to create something even more exciting and dynamic. We started by combining the colours and patterns to reflect the vibrancy and collaborative nature of the event and we developed a new Wonkfest logo which was an extension of the main brand mark. We created hero messaging and graphics for use in promoting the event across digital, print and email advertising. We then worked closely with Wonkhe and the team at the Business Design Centre to turn the event space into a colourful and engaging environment. Signage, stage sets, animated stings, interactive chalk walls and even a ten-meter-wide 3D Wonkfest logo all came together to create a buzzing festival atmosphere. The punters’ experience was completed with a personalised festival style lanyard holding an easy to navigate two-day program.

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