Epilepsy Society

Calm Cushion
Call campaign

Celebrating National Epilepsy Week with a playful campaign to educate audiences about seizure first aid

Campaign Development, Illustration, Animation and Roll Out


More than 600,000 people in the UK are living with epilepsy- and many experience seizures on a regular basis. Seizures can be terrifying, not only for the person experiencing them, but also for those around them. More often than not, people witnessing a seizure are only too willing to help- but they just don’t know how to. Epilepsy Society, the UK’s leading charity for epilepsy research and support, approached Open Agency to develop a new campaign for launch during National Epilepsy Week aimed at giving people the basic tools of seizure first aid, which could help save lives.

+ Solution

We worked closely with the client to develop a campaign that gives people three simple but key instructions to remember in an emergency: “Calm, Cushion, Call”, backed up by the call to action ‘be #seizuresavvy’. Although seizures are a daunting subject, we hoped to make the 3 key instructions memorable by creating 3 charming cartoon ‘C’ characters, brought to life through animation. Although a serious subject, we wanted to approach the campaign with a touch of humour so that the audiences engaged and, as a result, found those crucial first aid steps easy to recall when under pressure. The campaign was rolled out widely through National Epilepsy Week and the client has been so pleased with the results that we’re now looking at future phases of the campaign.

  • They understood our brief completely and came up with some really creative concepts that made us look at our campaign through new eyes. We look forward to developing the campaign with them in the future.

  • Nicola Swanborough
  • Communications Manager
  • Epilepsy Society
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