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Strategy by Radda Brand

Shaping potential and empowering landlords with a white-label brand for flexible workspaces

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To address the growing prominence of flexible workspaces within the commercial property landscape, Cushman & Wakefield have developed a white-label flexible workspace solution. The solution allows them to use their considerable knowledge of the sector to enable and support landlords and owners who want to create flexible workspace offers of their own. The model includes the design, build, marketing, sales, operations and management of the workspaces. This means that clients can confidently create their own unique workspace brand and offer that is subtly underpinned by the expertise of Cushman & Wakefield.

Our challenge was to create a name and identity for the white-label model that would help landlords and owners realise the true potential of their property.

+ Solution

Our strategy partner Radda Brand helped kick things off with naming and positioning. He concluded that in its purest form, Cushman & Wakefield’s white-label model can be broken down into three simple steps; Invest, design and go. It is this process that informed the name INDEGO which represents the speedy, simple and streamlined nature of the solution.

To accompany the name we developed a visual identity based around a flexible framing device and a suite of whitewash imagery. Together these convey the idea of potential and a blank canvas, intended to spark the imagination of landlords and owners. The result is a brand that can flex and dial – being clear and inspiring at the start of a client relationship, before taking a quieter and more supportive role as things progress and the client’s newly developed flexible workspace brand takes to the fore.

Open agency brought in the right people with the right skills at the right time but also maintained a consistent relationship throughout via their account team. We are extremely pleased with the outcome and have had great feedback both internally and from potential clients.

  • Emma Swinnerton
  • International Partner & Head of Flexible Leasing Solutions – EMEA
  • Cushman & Wakefield
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