Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward

Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward spring campaign

Redefining property with a humorous twist for London’s leading property services group

Advertising, Animation, Campaign, Illustration and Roll-out


Following the brand refresh we carried out with KFH, (read more about that here), we turned our minds to creating a campaign that would launch this into the public eye. With the core objective of driving valuations for their sales and lettings divisions, the creative had to embody the brand’s new positioning of ‘We get it.’, reflecting their total understanding of property, process and people. With a marketplace crowded with bland and expected property messages, KFH were keen do something different and engage with their audience on much more emotional, human level.  

+ Solution

The world of property is full of jargon which can often leave us feeling like we need a dictionary to guide us through the process. With our spring campaign creative, we took common property terms and gave them honest definitions to create the KFH Alternative Property Dictionary. Designed to bring a smile to readers’ faces, our definitions use a touch of humour and a charming twist of honesty to reflect KFH’s empathy and understanding of their clients and customers, with the aim of bringing ‘We get it’ to life in an engaging, surprising and memorable way. A bespoke suite of illustrations were created to further bring our relatable definitions to life. With the creative decided upon, the business committed to the largest media spend in KFH history, with the campaign appearing on buses and taxis, at train stations and tube stations, in printed media and on digital banners, spanning the entirety of the KFH network across London and its outer boroughs. Make sure to keep an eye out as more alternative definitions pop up across the capital. 

From helping us with our refresh, to landing our advertising campaign – the largest we have ever taken to market in our 40 years! – they have delivered time and time again.

  • Anna Macleod
  • Director of Marketing and Innovation
  • Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward
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