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Houses of Parliament
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Creating a printed guide to compliment the Houses of Parliament family tours and engage younger visitors

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The Houses of Parliament have been running Family Tours for the last year, during weekends and school holidays aimed at children aged 7 to 12. Rich in fascinating facts, the Palace of Westminster has so much to offer to the family audience. But often tour guides have found it difficult not to overwhelm kids with too much information and lose their interest. Houses of Parliament asked us to create a printed guide to complement their family and audio tours with the aim of enhancing the way young visitors engage with the attraction.

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‘An Explorers Guide to The Houses of Parliament’ is a small concertina fold booklet (perfect for little hands) packed full of fun activities, quirky facts and charming illustrations by Lucie Sheridan. The guide serves a practical purpose as it follows the route of the tour pointing out interesting facts and asking questions that encourage the young audiences to fully engage with their surroundings as they explore the Houses of Parliament.

  • From the word go they made us feel welcome and they were so enthusiastic about the project. We’re absolutely delighted with the final product and they’re going down an absolute treat!

  • Amy Treble
  • Assist. Commercial Operations Manager
  • Visitor Services
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