Historic Royal Palaces

Historic Royal Palaces
souvenir guidebooks

Taking visitors on a journey through time with beautiful, engaging guidebooks for some of the country’s greatest royal residences

Publications, Print Design, Print Management, Copywriting, Illustration


Guardians to some of the greatest royal residences ever built, Historic Royal Palaces maintain and curate extraordinary heritage venues including the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace and Kensington Palace. With a diverse audience spanning adults and children, domestic and international tourists, history buffs and culture vultures, Historic Royal Palaces required a range of guidebooks that would excite and engage audiences during their visit and act as a memento after.

+ Solution

Engaging imagery, bold typography and dynamic layouts were used to bring carefully curated information to life throughout the adult guide-books. A separate set of books were then created for younger audiences. Charming illustrations by a range of talented illustrators with quirky captions accompanied bold imagery and easily digestible pieces of information to create an engaging and exciting guide for each residence.

  • Open are very pleasant to work with; they are lively, friendly and keen to please. They work collaboratively, and adopted our suggestions with willingness and enthusiasm.

  • Clare Murphy
  • Publications Manager
  • Historic Royal Palaces
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