St George's Hospital Charity

St George’s Hospital
Charity rebrand

Creating a friendly and trustworthy brand to better demonstrate the huge impact of St George’s Hospital Charity

Brand strategy, Brand development, Print design,
Digital design, Guidelines and Roll-out


St George’s Hospital Charity are an independent organisation entirely dedicated to improving the lives of patients, staff, friends, family and the local community at St George’s University Hospitals. The charity’s work helps fund research and state-of-the-art equipment as well as improvements to the hospitals themselves. With all this great work and the potential to do so much more, the charity needed a brand that would raise their profile within the hospital’s community and celebrate the positive impact they create.

+ Solution

After a series of workshops and interviews with key audiences and staff members, a brand platform was created around the vision of ‘Better care, Healthier lives’. This went on to inform a visual identity that is all about impact. An abstract beacon shape forms the building blocks of the brand as a flexible graphic device that works hard to portray the Charity’s purpose, personality and vision. The motif is used throughout the brand, from the logo to illustrations and title treatments. Its versatility allows it to act as a robust tool that enables the St George’s Charity team to express impact, amplification, insight and collaboration across all of their communications.

Open Agency showed a real breadth of creative thinking and we really enjoyed seeing the new brand roll out across the charity and Trust and have received some really positive feedback so far.

  • Eimear Elkington
  • Communications and Marketing Manager
  • St George’s Hospital Charity
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