Homesearch rebrand

Making the most of their great name with a brand that positions Homesearch as the essential tool for all things property related

Brand strategy, Brand identity, Digital design, Guidelines


Homesearch are on a mission to open up the property market and reveal its true potential for everyone. They’re doing this by bringing together comprehensive, accurate and impartial information on every UK property (not just the ones that are on the market!) By making all of this information easily accessible for everyone, they are creating a property market that unlocks potential by being more informed, connected and proactive. With a brilliant product, and a great name under their belt, Homesearch needed a bold identity to match that would reflect their personality and signal their importance within a stagnating property market.

+ Solution

Through a series of workshops with the founders and interviews with their overwhelmingly enamoured clients, it became clear that Homesearch are not only important for the property market, but they genuinely care about everyone involved in it. This lead us to position Homesearch as ‘Your essential property ally’. To bring this idea to life we dodged the industry tropes of lifestyle imagery and property illustrations – we instead opted for a more confident, stripped back approach that is centred around an authentic, friendly, tone of voice. And with such a strong name, we couldn’t resist using Homesearch as a verb to really underpin their essential status. The result is a brand that has all of the confidence of a game-changer and industry leader, whilst always remaining human, humble and caring.

Open Agency really helped guide us through the brand creation process. They were rigorous and challenged us to really articulate who we are as a business. We really feel we gained a lot of insight from the process and Open were able to deliver us a brand that we are truly proud of.

  • Giles Ellwood & Sam Hunter
  • Founders
  • Homesearch
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